It is now here! The new BMW 5 series in 5 key ways and 213 photos

It is already here. The new BMW 5 series comes to become a high-end sedan advanced, technological and efficient, something like a BMW 7 series in miniature. In their first six generations, the BMW 5 series sold more than 7.6 million vehicles. This new model BMW aims to open a door to the Executive sedan of the future, in which the technology will be one of the most important aspects and thus stand up to competition with their countrymen, the Mercedes E-class and the Audi A6. And these are the 5 keys of the new BMW 5 series will land at dealerships in March 2017.

1. the BMW 5 series grows and refines its aesthetic and slimming

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As it was already in the new BMW 7 series, slimming therapy is one of the most important keys of this BMW 5 series, which will determine its performance, efficiency and most likely your driving. The new BMW 5 series has grown to 4,935 meters of length, but has also lost 100 kg over its predecessor. To achieve this, BMW has increased the use of aluminum and high-strength steels.

Its design, as it is becoming usual in mark, does not pose a radical break with the past, or the aesthetics of other recently renovated BMW models. They are your headlights born as an extension of the grill. We must also highlight the aerodynamic work that has been done on this car to achieve a resistance coefficient of the 0.22, and support improvements in pursuit of efficiency that have been made in other areas.

2 new engines diesel and gasoline for the BMW 5 series

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The new BMW 5 series will have a renewed range of engines, that initially you will find two alternative fuel and two alternative diesel.

The diesel engines of the BMW 5 series will be the BMW 520 d four-cylinder and 190 HP and the BMW 530 d inline six-cylinder and 265 Horsepower. The BMW 5 series petrol engines will be a BMW 530i four-cylinder and 252 Horsepower and the BMW 540i six cylinder and 340 HP.

Later will come three new engines, a version focused on saving, the BMW 520 d EfficientDynamics Edition auto with 190 HP of power and fuel consumption homologated around 3.9 litres / 100 km; a M550i BMW xDrive eight-cylinder and 462 HP; and a BMW 530e iPerformance hybrid and plug-in with 262 Horsepower.

3 bringing the BMW 5 series to the autonomous car

The BMW 5 series will be one of the most advanced products technologically BMW, with solutions close to the autonomous car, but focused on a single aspect of security. Thanks to its peripheral cameras and radar and Ultrasonic sensors, the BMW 5 series will have systems to detect and prevent collisions, warn of traffic in crossings, assistance from lane change and lane with active protection of side collisions.

It will also have Assistant and adaptive cruise control, so that the car can automatically control the throttle, brakes and steering, if desired by the driver.

4. more technological, inside and out

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The new BMW 5 series also has changed significantly on board. And it has done to receive the new generation of navigation systems and entertainment of BMW with a 10,25 inch screen, piloted by voice commands, the rotary control iDrive, via the touchscreen or even gestures in the air, as We saw in the BMW 7 series.

5. more luxury and comfort

And by far beyond the technology, BMW has worked to fund his new BMW 5 series to improve comfort and luxury. Just a look at the images of its cockpit, the redesign of the dashboard with LED lighting and inlays of wood and metal and the upholstery of the seats, to realize that in this respect the BMW 5 series also stands as a BMW 7 series in miniature.