Subaru Levorg: prices, news, testing, technical data and photos

Subaru Levorg 2015 will come to Europe at the end of the year.

The Subaru Levorg is a family vehicle of sports approach based on the platform of the compact Impreza, which as currently not sold in Spain. It’s a model that would come to occupy the space left by the Subaru Legacy Tourer, positioning itself in a place closest to the family sport, created by and for the road, the Subaru Outback, which by contrast boasts cowboy skills. Its name, Levorg, is already a declaration of intentions. Subaru says that this name has been formed with the combination of letters extracted from Legacy, Revolution and Touring.

At the moment we don’t know too much about how the Subaru Levorg range will be formed in our country, but if we can advance you that its appearance will be virtually the same, maybe with some subtle changes, which can be seen in these photographs of the model Japanese. The Levorg advocates of aggressive, modern design by aesthetic keys that we have seen in the new Subaru STI, such as a large trapezoidal grille, aggressive defenses, elongated headlights and a generous air intake for the Intercooler on the hood. Learn more about the Subaru Levorg Concept presented in 2013.

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Subaru Levorg will have the EyeSight system, which includes a range of supports to driving such as warnings of risk of collision, with automatic emergency braking; lane keeping and braking emergency by erroneously engage reverse gear. More information on Subaru EyeSight.

Subaru Levorg

Subaru Levorg, barring surprises, be marketed only with four wheel drive, with the system of Subaru Symmetrical AWD . In Japan there are two mechanical elections, a 1.6 DIT of 170 HP power and autonomy (according to Japanese approval, JC08) for more than 1,000 kilometers with a single deposit. And a 2.0 DIT de 300 HP that calls for the best possible performance for this car, worthy almost of an STI, developing 400 Nm from 2,000 rpm.

In Japan is only sold with an “automatic” – stepless Variator – called Lineartronic, and a set of more sporting for the 2.0 DIT.

Is to be expected that in Europe the range of engines will at least feature boxer 4-cylinder diesel, a 2.0 litre 150 BHP of power, and manual gearbox.